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Selected Achievements

Repositioned brand (Eddie Bauer Germany)

Transitioned from Missy Sportswear to Active Outdoor focus.  Simultaneously moved to digitally driven business while minimizing loss of legacy customer base.  Expanded channel presence via extensive marketplace expansion.  Maintained EBITDA result throughout implementation of new ERP, 3PL, brand repositioning and organizational changes.

Launched Russian business and corrected imbalanced financials (Landsʼ End Europe)

Faced with 3 years of declining sales and the lowest profitability in over 10 years, was brought in by Lands’ End to “right the ship”.  Launched Lands’ End in Russia through wholesale agreement with Quelle.  Designed and implemented a centralized EU organization structure, eliminating 15% of overhead in 3 months.

Established new marketing programs to combat sales erosion (Adler Germany)

The company’s revenue base was reliant on a stale, expensive and deteriorating sample and call-back model. Introduced catalogs, inserts, and modified existing print media to drive e-commerce and inbound sales with a 200% growth rate. Launched Adler in UAE and Saudi Arabian markets with $1M incremental revenue.

Increased revenues during major economic downturn (Harry & David USA)

Direct sales were in severe decline due to the recession. Initiated marketing strategy to grow client base, complete with first-time B2B-specific catalog. Used new CRM package to maintain 70% YOY client retention rate and increased annual division revenues by $23M.

Built successful new B2B sales force (Harry & David USA)

The B2B division had always focused its sales efforts on outbound telemarketing campaigns, leaving key areas of the US untapped. Implemented an outside sales program, developing a superior field sales team that targeted 12 major cities and generated $500K in revenue in just six weeks.

Initiated aggressive strategy to maximize long-term growth (Lands’ End Europe)

In the challenging European market, differentiation to the competition was critical. Devised successful strategy, using innovative direct mail program to achieve sales of $211M with at a 12% EBITDA rate.  Grew e-commerce channel share from 18% to 28% in a year.

Capitalized on potential of key markets (Lands’ End Germany)

German-speaking markets in Europe offered room for considerable revenue growth, but Lands’ End Europe was not in a position to take advantage. Developed necessary infrastructure/acquired outlets to facilitate long-term growth while maintaining effective cost controls and superior service quality.

Directed very successful startup (Lands’ End Germany)

Due to exceptional performance in US, selected to launch a subsidiary in Germany. Devised superior marketing strategy, instilling total commitment to service quality to complement company’s stellar product reputation. Achieved 65% YOY retention rate, driving annual sales from $0 to $150M with record EBITDA.

Initiated highly successful lost sales recovery program (Lands’ End Germany)

High return rates in the German market were inhibiting sales, profits and customer satisfaction. Devised new program, using lost sales information from German orders and first quality returns to fill customer desire for products that had been listed as sold out. Dramatically increased overall customer satisfaction while adding $4M to revenue in Germany at a 50%+ variable profit rate.

Increased aided brand awareness to 50% (Lands’ End Germany)

In the face of an “unfair competition” law suit by a key German government entity, designed an effective PR/advertising campaign that leveraged the Lands’ End unconditional guarantee policy to establish it as an advocate for individual consumers. More than quadrupled brand awareness, cementing company as a service leader in the German market.

Offset significant profit margin erosion (Lands’ End Germany)

German currency fluctuations were adversely impacting overall profits. Launched a series of operational efficiency initiatives, driving the variable business cost ratio from 18% to 8% of net sales. The efficiency measures also enabled the company to handle more than 10 times the volume at just 5 times the cost.

Resolved growing inventory overstock problem (Lands’ End Germany)

Returns, overstocks and 2nd quality goods needed to be liquidated to offset major inventory costs. Set up a German liquidation facility in a low-cost region, and initiated a successful strategy that added millions of dollars to top-line revenues and exceeded all profit goals for the German subsidiary.

Introduced winning new product line (Lands’ End USA)

The Home Division needed a boost. Developed and positioned new products for sale in bath and window/bed coverings niche. Negotiated pricing and selected vendors for product manufacturing. Established drop-ship custom window program. Managed $15M of revenues, 20% of division total.

Generated significant increase in service revenues (Siemens Nixdorf USA)

The Company lacked a comprehensive service program for its mainframe laser printer line, leading to an increase in customer complaints as the company grew market share. Designed program to consolidate service contracts for all US customers. Added $2M to annual revenues while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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